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Kevlar Webbing

Kevlar®, manufactured by DuPont, is a very well-known and frequently used para-aramid fiber, used in firefighting, fall protection, and industrial OEM applications. 
Kevlar® webbing has various amazing features: long-term working in high-temperature environment, high tensile load, low elongation.
Can be customized as your demand
The Width of 5~150mm, the thickness of 0.5~5mm, several woven patterns for choice

1 Firefighting Heat Cut Resistant Black Kevlar Webbing
1 Firefighting Heat Cut Resistant Black Kevlar Webbing
1 Firefighting Heat Cut Resi..
1" Natural Yellow Kevlar Flame Retardant Heavyduty Webbing
1" Natural Yellow Kevlar Fla..
* Note that these are just a small sampling of products that we offer. Don't see a product that will meet your requirements? Please CONTACT US. 

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Advanced Properties of Kevlar® Webbing

    High strength to weight ratio

    Low elongation to break

    Low thermal shrinkage

    Good heat & flame resistance

    Good chemical resistance

    High cut resistance

    UV resistance good (black)

    UV resistance poor (natural)

    Self-extinguishing flame retardant properties

Applications of Kevlar® Webbing
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Kevlar firefighter equipment.jpg
Kevlar safety harness.jpg
Kevlar parachute and aircraft.jpg

Q&A about Kevlar Webbing
What's the difference between Kevlar webbing & Dyneema Webbing?
They all have the features of ultra strong tensile strength, although UHMWPE webbing is better than Aramid webbing. But UHMWPE has the major disadvantage that compared with aramid is, it cannot bear a high temperature more than 120C. So if your webbing components shall work in a harsh and heated environment, then you should choose aramid webbing. Otherwise, you can choose UHMWPE webbing which is stronger and cheaper.
Yes, UHMWPE is cheaper than aramid in material, about half the price.
How much is Kevlar webbing by the foot/yard?
It depends on the width and the thickness of the webbing. For there are various types, please let me know the specification which you demand, then I can offer accurate quotes for you.
What's the most used type of Kevlar webbing?
2inches|50mm, 1.75inches|45mm and 1.5inches|38mm in width. But the thickness also has various types. It's really hard to produce every type of webbing as there are so many. So we might have the adjacent produced type for sample, but if you have the specific model required, mostly we need to make them after your order.
Is Jude a manufacturer of webbing?
Absolutely yes, and we have a full manufacturing system of textiles made of Ultra Performance Fibers. Not only can provide special sewing threads, strings, rope, straps, webbing, and fabric, also can make them with para-aramid | Kevlar, meta-aramid | Nomex, UHMWPE | Dyneema | Spectra, PBO, etc.
How much the high temperature is that Kevlar webbing can stand?
For different woven techniques, the thicker the products are, the better they can bear the heat. Like 2mm in the thickness of Kevlar webbing is better than 0.58mm in the thickness of Kevlar fabric(420gsm) in heat bearing. Mostly the safe working temperature of Kevlar/Para-aramid products are below 260C|500F, temporarily work below 320C|600F. The best way to find out is to have the sample to test, please send me an inquiry e-mail.

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