We are professional IRR Webbing manufacturer & supplier & factory from China, wholesale customized high quality IRR Webbing. Continuous IRR Webbing R&D and manufacturing, perfect after-sales service and technical support. Looking forward to your cooperation!

IRR Webbing

One-stop factory for high performance IRR textile products. Including IRR solid color & camouflage webbing, IRR elastic band, IRR hook & loop. 
Nylon ( 6 or 6.6), semi-dull nylon, Polyester etc.
Equipped with own IRR testing lab, have the capacity to do 350-3000 nm.
Provide post-treatment together with IRR, fireproof, waterproof, anti-UV, camo printed, Mil Spec etc.
Experienced in producing IRR webbing for 20+ countries:  
* UK                           * Sweden                
* Switzerland
* Netherlands            * Germany               * France
* Poland                    * USA                       * Israel
* Singapore               *  Philippines           *  Thailand etc
To find out our complete assortment of IRR webbing CONTACT US. 

Singapore Camouflage Anti-infrared Webbing
Singapore Camouflage Anti-infrared Webbing
Singapore Camouflage Anti-in..
RAL 7013 Infra-red Reflectance Nylon Webbing
RAL 7013 Infra-red Reflectance Nylon Webbing
RAL 7013 Infra-red Reflectan..
Nylon Anti-infrared Webbing With Center Opening
Nylon Anti-infrared Webbing With Center Opening
Nylon Anti-infrared Webbing ..
Polyester PES IRR Webbing for Swedish Armed Force Ballistic Vest
Polyester PES IRR Webbing for Swedish Armed Force Ballistic Vest
Polyester PES IRR Webbing fo..
* Note that these are just a small sampling of products that we offer. Don't see a product that will meet your requirements? Please CONTACT US. 

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Meeting your IRR requirements
The laboratory is equipped with professional infrared detection equipment;

Meet the most compled IRR specifications;

Customized 350-3000nm;

wavelength Rapid research and development alility, stable mass production quality;
IRR testing equipment.jpg

 If you are interested in IRR webbing, you can first approach us for a test report in the IR wavelength range for your local country, as we may have already serviced similar projects.


How does IRR webbing work?

The IRR technology works through visual disruption, caused by the multi-layered infrared signatures for each colour within the print pattern, which have a specific reflective wavelength to blend in with colours in the infrared spectrum for the specific location garments are intended to be worn.

The result, greatly reduced visibility of the wearer at night with reflectance to mimic the same wavelengths as snow, rocks, differing urban.

Environments, trees and other green vegetation; while in regular light conditions, you will still have the traditional camouflage patterns in order to blend into your surroundings.

At Jude we can combine these two camouflage techniques seamlessly, to provide a camouflage that will disrupt both the naked eye and infrared vision, for truly modern camouflage.
irr webbing or non-irr webbing.png
                            IRR Versus Non-IRR In IR Night Vision

What is IRR webbing used for?
Military camouflage has evolved to combat the threat of night vision detection with infrared cameras that are now commonplace around the world and all work across a spectrum of wavelengths. We give you, Infrared Reflective Technology (IRR), which reduces the visual signature of the wearer to resemble the intended environment when viewed through night vision cameras.

Custom IRR Webbing
If you require custom IRR webbing, simply provide us with IR wavelengths, reflectance values, Lab values or colour samples.
With our state of the art printing equipment and our technical team, we can customise both monochrome and camouflage IRR.

If you have any webbing needs
please contact our professional sales team
24 hours online