Jimei District Xincun Primary School's 2023 Summer Camp Comes to Jude Webbing

Recently, student representatives organized by Xincun Primary School in Jimei District, Xiamen City visited Xiamen Jude Webbing Co., Ltd.

This journey revealed the R&D, production and application scenarios of functional webbing, and also improved students' understanding of the production process of high-tech webbing.

JUDE webbing has strong functional webbing design, production and testing capabilities, and is committed to the research and development of special functional webbing, training belts, protective gear, sports equipment, etc. It is a research and development, production and sales functional webbing and its manufacturing a specialized company integrating finished products, it is the first enterprise in China to develop and produce anti-infrared functional webbing.


Mrs. Chen, general manager of Jude Webbing, told campers about the company's enterprise scale, cooperative brands and technical achievements. When they visit, they are serious and attentive, and they are full of curiosity about the new things they come into contact with.

"Science and technology prosper the nation, and science and technology make the nation strong." Personal development needs to be led by innovation, and technological progress also needs to be driven by innovation. Among them, the "anti-infrared camouflage webbing" adopts the self-developed invention patent technology, changes the traditional printing process, and realizes the anti-infrared, anti-reconnaissance, hiding and confusing effects of the webbing, so that the functional webbing can be better used.