I made your webbing! —MFG Supervisor and R&D Technician

JUDE, specialize in the development, design and production of functional webbing.
We pursue personalization, specialization and differentiation of our products, and customize the functional webbing to meet our customers requirement.
JUDE, the pioneer of functional webbing industry!
Your webbing, we will do it!
The webbing in you demand, we can do it!


Mr. Wang comes from Hubei Province, and he has been in JUDE's factory for more than 8 years.
He was engaged in warehouse management, quality inspection, testing, production management, scheduling, control and other works.

work seriously with rich experience, diligently adhering to the grassroots line of the JUDE Webbing Factory. 
Now, he is responsible for the production of webbing weaving factory. He can mobilize all the positive factors in the factory to arrange the most compact and efficient production process for the customers, with quality assurance and controlled delivery time.


Mr. Song as JUDE Webbing product research & development technician, who has been working in the webbing industry for more than 10 years.
He has been in contact with various types of webbing, such as elastic belt, tagging belt, rigid webbing etc.

He has rich experience in the R&D of webbing products, and has helped many customer to develop the latest webbing leading in the industry.
He likes to study, analyze and solve problems, and constantly summarizes the technical experience and achievements of the webbing process, and has successfully declared and obtained a number of new practical patents of webbing.
In collaboration with the marketing department, he provide customers with meticulous product design services, and jointly develop a series of improvement plans for product problems, including sample design and development, as well as production and weaving, inspection method and other aspects, to solve customers' problems.