JUDE Webbing Company's 2023 Annual Meeting

 On January 28th, JUDE Webbing Company held its annual year-end summary with the theme "Focus on Growth, Mobilization Meeting."


In 2023, the company achieved a significant milestone by obtaining the "Pollution Discharge Permit," showcasing its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable production practices.

Chairman Xie emphasized the importance of sustainable growth, focusing on building core competencies, and relying on organization, mechanisms, strength, innovation, efficiency, and culture.


Recognizing exceptional contributions, the company presented awards including Excellent Employee, Special Task Achievement, Technological Advancement, Annual Outstanding Team, Special Contribution, Ten Years of Dedication, and Innovation Incentive Awards.


Notable recipients of the 10 Years of Dedication Awards include Logan Chen from the Marketing Center, who has been instrumental in expanding global sales, and Mrs. Chen from the Production Supply Center, a key contributor to efficient finished product processing.


Entering the new year, JUDE Webbing Company is committed to sustaining excellence, reaching new heights, and collectively "Focusing on New Achievements, Shining Together" in the coming year.